Personal Training

I use an evidence based approach to fitness. Starting with a movement screen and baseline test I make a custom program based on your results. Programs compliment the client's lifestyle, needs and wants.

All programs include:

  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Conditioning

for a complete well rounded approach.

Please contact me to get started with personal training.


Check in the Fall for programs running


Fun, positive environment.  Ongoing  weekly and monthly  options.  No egos- everyone is there to get better.  Program customization can be requested and completed in a group setting.  Inquire for more details.  We  focus on progressive Strength and Conditioning.  Accomodations are personalized if needed.  Progressions are tracked for safe improvment- not just going thru the motions.  


Sign Up for Online Training

trainerize_app.pngOnline training can be used as a sole program or as a compliment to your personal/group coaching sessions. 

Online training offers:

  • Affordable accountability
  • Follow Along Videos, no guess work
  • Anywhere, anytime

Please contact me to sign up for online training.

How it Works:

A client profile is collected, an assessment of your baseline movement and strength is gathered and then I write a program based on your needs, wants, lifestyle and equipment available. An initial commitment of 6 weeks is required then a personal assessment is booked to begin your training plan.

Starter 6 weeks: $200
On-going monthly: $100

For a less custom approach I offer a beginner template program that is 16 weeks. A movement screen and baseline test is not part of this service, this is not a custom program. I will be available via phone or email should you have questions. Communication is important. You start by performing a small routine I send you. If you can complete this with good movement and lack of pain then you are eligible for this program. This is an affordable introduction to online training. 

16 week Beginner Program: $200

“Jacqueline's training app filled the gap in my workout routine. A nice compliment to in-person training with Jacqueline. It was the consistency I needed to reach my health and fitness goals. Since using the training app, I have noticed improvements in my endurance, strength and most of all, energy levels. In fact, I established a morning routine that includes 15 minutes of Jacqueline's workout and have stuck to it ever since.”