CEC Courses

13128811_622941761192103_946667406_o_sq.jpgHard Style Kettlebell Workshop Level 1

  • Learn what Hard style lifting is, what it is used for and how it differs from other styles.
  • Learn total body tension techniques- key for strength training
  • Learn the hard style Swing, Turkish Get up, Clean, Goblet Squat, Press and Snatch.
  • Learn how to make a Kettle Bell program using your new lifts and how to implement these lifts into your existing programs.
  • Take Home Guide Book included
  • Eligible for 4 CEC's Can Fit Pro- PTS    

NEXT FULL COURSE - KEEP CHECKING FOR DATES- you may consider Swing+ TGU option for now



Adult Classes

Adult Beginner Hardstyle Kettlebell Group Class- ON HOLD- COVID 19

Starting: Tuesday September 17, 24, Oct 1, 8 (4weeks)  12:30pm at Private Studio Mississauga, Ontario.

This is a fun, no judgement environment.  Leave all egos at the door as nobody is an expert at Kettlebelling. This program is for adult beginners to Kettle Bell.  If you have ever wanted to learn how to use kettlebells with proper technique in a progressive manner.  Attendance/ commitment is important as we use "layering of skills" with each lift. Come ready to learn!!! 

Using kettle bells properly allow you to build strength, burn fat and challenge your cardiovascular system. They are a one stop shop in Fitness training.  Classes are $120 for 4 weeks of class about 1.5 hour length with homework.   Email if you are interested, sign up on a first come/first serve basis.  jacqgradish@hotmail.com  Or use PAYPAL box above.

Group Prep Classes

strongfirst-logo.jpgThis will be for individuals looking to attend the Strong First Kettle Bell Instructor Certification (3 day).  Preparation is required for this certification.

Prep course dates will be set once certification dates are finalized so you will have time to prepare.

Learn complimentary flexibility, mobility and movement techniques that compliment hard style lifting.


  • Practice and perfect your level 1 Kettlebell skills.
  • Learn what Strong First testers are looking for to pass your tests.
  • Classes will be based on the SFG1 prep guide and SFG 1 Instructor manual.
  • Cost is $225 for 6 weeks



Course Times and Dates

Tuesday July 3rd – 12:30pm           Thursday July 5th – 12:30pm

Tuesday July 10th – 12:30pm          Thursday July 12th – 12:30pm

Tuesday July 17th – 12:30pm           Thursday July 19th – 12:30pm

Please contact me  to register for this class.




Thursday November 15 10am-2pm, Mississauga

This course gets right to the root of hardstyle kettlebell using 2 foundational movements.  Learn what hardstyle means and how to use it.  Swing set up, deadstops, continuous, 2 arm, single arm and double swings.  Learn the Turkish Get Up- how, when and why to use it as a warmup, sub maximal or a grind. 

SIGN UP IN PAYPAL BOX this is the best value course available.